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Pacific Water Technologies
1175 Shaw Ave
Suite 104-304
Clovis, CA 93612

Telephone (559)299-9227
Fax (559)325-0097
Company Information

Pacific Water Technologies is an exclusive representative of Meras Engineering, a Modesto, California based water treatment engineering company. Pacific Water Technologies is a leading provider of water treatment solutions for industry. The engineers at Pacific Water Technologies have developed unique products designed to treat almost all industrial and agricultural water applications. Using Pacific Water Technologies' products, our engineers develop a service program for each client that is specific to their needs. Pacific Water Technologies has established a goal to promote energy efficiency, productivity, and longevity of water systems which lowers operating and maintenance costs for our clients.

Pacific Water Technologies was originally formed by Michael Murphy, an award winning and world recognized refrigeration engineer. He noted in the industrial refrigeration market, many water treatment companies were incorrectly treating water for the mechanical refrigeration and air conditioning industry. He found, in fact, that few water treatment technicians had any working knowledge of the process of a heat rejection system. The water treatment systems used to treat the process water had incorrect chemical formulations and incorrect system types.

Through his efforts, Mr. Murphy and Pacific Water Technologies brought together a team of highly qualified engineers, chemists, and biologists in the industry to provide the best value of water treatment using the appropriate water treatment systems through comprehensive customer service. Our customer service policies were developed with the understanding and knowledge that every client has very different systems and water qualities which require a special and unique treatment program.

Pacific Water Technologies is a member of the Association of Water Technologies, ASHRAE, RETA, and is a licensed contractor in California.

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