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Filtration Systems

Pacific Water Technologies has extensive experience in the design and construction of water filtration systems. The filtration system, be it sand based, separation, rotary screen technology, ultra filtration, or reverse osmosis, will be designed to purify the water for use in your particular application.
Filtration systems applied to mechanical heat rejection, the system will eliminate the labor to remove the debris from the sumps of cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and industrial fluid coolers. By providing a filtration system, there will be a savings on future chemical consumption and further improve on the refrigeration efficiency. Dirt film is an insulator which inhibits heat transfer between the water and the refrigerant heat transfer surface (condenser tubing). With the chemical and mechanical water treatment systems, your energy and water consumption will be reduced and your refrigeration equipment service life will increase.

The suspended particles in the water consume much of the biocides
added to the condenser water. The airborne matter (dirt) largely contains the microbes and disease that the biocides destroy. The “dirt” also adds, though a small portion, some of the solids acted upon by the scale inhibitors. With the debris removed, the biocide and inhibitor usage will
be reduced.

If water filtration is your objective, Pacific Water Technologies can provide you with a customized filtration system through excellence in engineering, installation, and training.

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